Our Crew

Building Community from the Inside Out

Much of what makes Small World Coffee so special is our community - employees, customers, vendors, and artists. This December 2018, we celebrate our 25th anniversary, and we know Small World needed YOU to get here!

We take seriously our responsibility to create a respectful, inclusive public space - to welcome everyone, and to provide a sense of belonging and purpose to our employees.

This starts from the inside out. By tirelessly investing in and nourishing the quality, strength and vibrancy of our internal community of “worldlings” we can authentically amplify our passion to our external community of customers and local partners.

We know that creating this strong internal dynamic lays the foundation for Small World Coffee to be both a sustainable business and act as a keystone place in the community we serve.

Meet some of our all star staff:

Brant Cosaboom - Co-Owner

Brant Cosaboom


Jessica Durrie - Co-Owner

Jessica Durrie


Jon March - Roaster Co-Owner

Jon March

Roaster Co-Owner

Vin Jule - General Manager

Vin Jule

General Manager

Malena Brown - Witherspoon Lead

Malena Brown

Witherspoon Lead

Kahlou Brown - Kitchen Lead

Kahlou Brown

Kitchen Lead

Tuc Sargentini - Lead Trainer

Tuc Sargentini

Lead Trainer

Support Your Local Everything:

When making purchasing decisions and choosing vendors, we are committed to supporting our local business network whenever possible. Together we are stronger.