NJ Pinhole Club

September 8th, 2021 to October 5th, 2021 at the Nassau St. Cafe

NJ Pinhole Club

Pinhole Photography requires the artist to use a rudimentary lens-less camera, oftentimes homemade from recycled materials, to capture an image through a small pin-sized hole. This type of camera lends itself to creating photographs with long exposures with almost infinite depth of field, possible light leaks, and warped perspectives. The unique aesthetic is a charming characteristic of pinhole photography that can also be described as magical and otherworldly.

You can glimpse that magic in Sharon Harris’s surreal portraiture or the landscape photographs that Maurice Fitzpatrick creates in his homemade cigar box camera and lomography cameras, or in the photographs of sun trails that Jeff McConnell and Heather Palecek create with their pinhole cameras. Marissa Bunting will exhibit her wildly abstract “solar trails” photographs, and you can also expect to see work from the talented Gul Cevikoglu and Chris Marinari.

These 7 artists are members of the NJ Pinhole Club, founded in 2021 by Heather Palecek. This is their first group exhibit.

Come to meet the artists at the opening reception on Sunday, September 12th from noon to 3pm.