Small World Coffee

Be a Part of It.

Our dream 20 years ago was to make great coffee in a wonderful café. Our individual talents and inclinations combined to allow us to realize that dream. Along the way we have learned many lessons and can offer support and guidance to help our wholesale partners develop successful coffee programs.


Jon March, our master roaster, has the passion, patience and palate to carefully and consistently hand roast our coffee beans in small batches to bring out flavor profiles that are only possible in a “micro” environment. He “cups” the hundreds of samples that come to the roasting facility, purchases the cream of the crops and roasts it to its absolute highest potential. We roast to order, date stamp and initial every bag and get it out the door: attention to detail that creates a fresh and perfect cup of coffee every time.


Brant Cosaboom is our resident geek and brings a technical expertise to all aspects of our company from the ins and outs of our espresso machines and brewing systems to water quality and filtration. He tinkers and tests equipment, recipes, and systems until he is satisfied with the results: coffee that tastes consistently amazing.


Jessica Durrie manages our staff of 40 employees between our two retail operations and works to maintain quality on the front lines through a comprehensive hands-on training program. She has always seen her cafés as a community resource and worked hard to develop meaningful partnerships with other local organizations and retailers resulting in a business that is a vital part of the social fabric.


Together we have created a quality product and a system of staff training that results in efficiently run and profitable cafes. Working with us gives our wholesale partners an excellent product that is backed-up with a retail know-how. We will be your most hands-on and dedicated vendor-partner. Our clients are made up of quality-driven companies like Morgan and York our featured Wholesale partner. Read our Q&A with Tommy York.


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