Small World Coffee

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing fresh, custom-blended coffee that is precision roasted to the point of peak flavor. When roasting and blending, we are perfectionists. We offer coffee aficionados the best beans and blends for making the perfect cup of coffee or cappuccino, whether they make a thousand cups a day like we do in our café, or slightly less at home.


The Beans Are The Means

The wide variety of high quality Arabica coffees available from around the world provide us with a wonderfully diverse palette of raw materials to work with. Each coffee growing region produces beans with unique characteristics. We select only the cream of the crop, sampling until we find the most intensely flavored beans that are completely free of taste defects.


Our Buying Practices

At Small World Roasters, we only roast and sell specialty grade coffee. This is the highest possible grade and only 2-3% of the coffee produced in the world achieves this standard. Our mission has always been to find the best coffee available, regardless of cost. Our selections include Fair Trade, relationship coffees, Rain Forest Alliance Certified, shade grown, and micro lot coffees.


We were baristas first and have always understood the importance of freshness and quality in our raw materials. In order to secure the best beans year after year, we have worked diligently to develop trusting relationships with our brokers. They partner with farmers who grow superior coffee and financially reward them for their efforts. Relationships like these our buying practiceshave endured between our brokers and farmers for decades. We are committed to specialty grade coffee by partnering with brokers that support industry networks such as Coffee Kids and Grounds for Health. We have also been purchasing from pioneer estates like ‘Hacienda La Minita’, where sustainability is a top priority.


The Balance Of Blending

The Balance Of BlendingAt the heart of Small World Coffee is our love of blending and creating a collective taste profile that posess the exquisite flavors and aromas from each bean. Even with such a smorgasbord of coffees, it is rare to find a single variety that has the perfect balance of body and acidity. Blending is the art of choosing a particular taste profile and finding the right combination of different types of beans that will result in the most well-balanced and com-plex coffee possible.


The East Coast Roast

The East Coast RoastThere is a somewhat well accepted system of names to indicate the color of a roast. Our preferred roast color falls between two established names: it’s darker than a full city but lighter than a French roast. So we decided to make up our own name: the East Coast Roast. We roast to the peak of the second pop, precisely the point that yields the most complexity; dark enough to enhance the body and impart the flavor of the roast, but not so dark as to obliterate the subtler flavors and acidities.


All About Freshness

Even the most well blended perfectly roasted coffee has a finite period in which to provide its optimal flavor.Like a bouquet of flowers, the fragrance of roasted coffee can only be appreciated when it is truly fresh. For the maximum in flavor and aroma, coffee should be used within ten days of roasting, ideally between the third and seventh day. For this reason we roast three times a week, we roast only after an order is received and we ship within 24 hours of roasting. We date everything we produce; all you need to check our coffee for freshness is a calendar.


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