Small World Coffee


We’re in business to roast and serve the best coffee out there, and a big part of that means using the industry’s top equipment. We have built relationships with equipment companies having been in business for 20 years, and because of this we can offer great pricing on the same equipment we use in our cafés. We also have our own service and maintenance staff available to calibrate your machines, troubleshoot issues and make sure your equipment is making the best possible cup for you and your customers.




So Fresh and So Clean

In order to serve the best possible product your coffee brewer and equipment must be cleaned and maintained. Making sure that your brewer and serving vessels are cleaned often will ensure that no taste defects due to bacteria or build up will exist in your product and this part is up to you!


Equipment Maintenance

We have trained service technicians on staff to make sure that the equipment we support is working at an optimal level. In order to make it even easier and affordable to our local wholesale customers, we offer FREE service calls* including parts valued up to $100.00** to help offset the everyday wear and tear on your machines.


*Free Service Call Eligibility

Unit Size Weekly Coffee Order Annual Free Service Calls
Single Unit 20 lbs. 1
Single Unit 50 lbs. 4
Chain or Conglomerate 50 lbs. (between all sites) 4 (between all sites)
Chain or Conglomerate 200 lbs. (between all sites) 10 (between all sites)


** If the total price for parts is over $100.00 the customer is responsible for the balance.


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