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Raise Your Mug to Melitta Bentz, Pioneering Coffee Geek!

By Jacqui | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 10:12 am

After a few decades working in the specialty coffee industry, we’ve tried just about every coffee brewing method out there.  Aside from our dedication to the craft of espresso, we’ve spent a lot of time researching and honing pour-over coffee brewing.  It’s one of our favorite brewing methods, as it really showcases the nuanced flavors of the coffee we roast and brew.  We serve it brewed to order at our Nassau Street cafe in Princeton and make it for ourselves at home.  We’ve also blogged our step-by-step procedure to help our fans perfect their own pour-over brewing technique.

One day, as the worldlings gathered at the roaster Coffee Lab for a cupping, we all wondered aloud: Where did the name ‘melitta’ come from, anyway?  It was time for some research, and what we found out surprised and delighted us… (more…)

July Coffee of the Month: Indie Blend

By Jacqui | Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 12:07 pm

As we all celebrate Independence Day each July 4th, we can’t help but choose the Indie Blend as our featured specialty coffee throughout the month.  But for us, Indie stands for Indonesian as well as for Independence, and for this blend we select beans only from this one growing region.  Master roaster Jon March writes:

“Indonesian coffees such as Sumatran, Bali, and Java are mainly about big, full body and rich, heavy mouthfeel. Papa New Guinea’s great growths bring the contrast and complexity of a livelier acidity. This specialty coffee blend is a great meeting place for both fans of acidity who are looking to try something a little heavier, and straight Sumatran drinkers who might want to see how they like a little more acidity.”

Though it’s not always on the shelves at our two Princeton cafes, you can order the Indie Blend (along with all of our other specialty coffee blends & varietals) through our website.  We precision-roast to order, and ship via UPS to ensure freshness!

Good Food Stories Visits Small World Roasters

By Jacqui | Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 8:07 am

Pour over coffee brewing
Casey Barber, a freelance writer and blog editor at Good Food Stories, came out to visit us at our tasting lab in the roasting facility and took a tour of our operations for some research.  In our meeting, her love and knowledge of food was so apparent and enjoyable to share, and after reading her piece, we feel the same way about her writing!

Brant, Jessica and Jon gave her a tour of the roaster, describing the process from green bean to finished cup.

“During my visit, co-founders Jessica Durrie and Brant Cosaboom sampled new cold brew equipment and did a pour-over comparison tasting while partner Jon March worked the roaster. Brant and Jon are the only two people who do the actual coffee roasting and between the both of them, they’re able to roast up the company’s weekly quota for the two Princeton cafés as well as wholesale and retail in 15-20 hours spaced out over three days.”

So what did Casey learn from her visit to a specialty coffee roaster?  Visit the Good Food Stories blog to read the full post!

Sumatran Mandheling, Fair Trade Certified

By Jacqui | Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Fair Trade Organic Sumatran MandhelingThis month’s coffee of the month is our Fair Trade certified Sumatran Mandheling – one of our classic beans, and one with an excellent story behind it.  As devotees of Small World Coffee may know, we only purchase specialty grade coffee – the highest grade of coffee available – and our Sumatran is a fine example of the quality and value that are found in specialty coffee.  We love it for its flavor as a single origin and the role it plays as part of some of our most popular blends, and we are proud to be involved with coffee brokers & growers who take care of their employees and take pride in their product.

Our Sumatran plays a vital role in many of our popular blends, including our House Blend, by adding richness and body.  One of our priorities when it comes to coffee roasting & blending is establishing a good amount of body in the final cup.  We do this by roasting toward the darker side – our East Coast Roast can be described as a light ‘French roast’ – but also by choosing the right beans for the job.  The Sumatran became an obvious choice, as it had plenty of body and next to no acidity.  You’ll find it at work in our Love Blend, Rocket Blend, and, of course, our Indie Blend, paired with Papua New Guinea. (more…)

Announcing Our ‘Joe to Go’ Photo Contest Winners!

By Jacqui | Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 10:47 am

During the past two weeks, we asked our customers to share photos of where they go with their Joe to go, by tagging us on Twitter @swcoffee.  We received dozens of great entries, and retweeted some of the especially great ones, but it’s time to announce the three winners, who will each be given $10 in Small World Coffee Gift Cards.

Without further ado, the winners are…. (more…)