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Sumatran Mandheling, Fair Trade Certified

By Jacqui | Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Fair Trade Organic Sumatran MandhelingThis month’s coffee of the month is our Fair Trade certified Sumatran Mandheling – one of our classic beans, and one with an excellent story behind it.  As devotees of Small World Coffee may know, we only purchase specialty grade coffee – the highest grade of coffee available – and our Sumatran is a fine example of the quality and value that are found in specialty coffee.  We love it for its flavor as a single origin and the role it plays as part of some of our most popular blends, and we are proud to be involved with coffee brokers & growers who take care of their employees and take pride in their product.

Our Sumatran plays a vital role in many of our popular blends, including our House Blend, by adding richness and body.  One of our priorities when it comes to coffee roasting & blending is establishing a good amount of body in the final cup.  We do this by roasting toward the darker side – our East Coast Roast can be described as a light ‘French roast’ – but also by choosing the right beans for the job.  The Sumatran became an obvious choice, as it had plenty of body and next to no acidity.  You’ll find it at work in our Love Blend, Rocket Blend, and, of course, our Indie Blend, paired with Papua New Guinea. (more…)

Home Brewing: Cold Brewed Coffee

By Jacqui | Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Cold-brewed Coffee
On the heels of our recent post about our well-loved New Orleans style iced coffee, we have been fielding some questions about how to cold-brew coffee at home.  In the warmer months, many people look for an alternative to their usual hot coffee, but there are a few other benefits to cold-brewing coffee at home.  First of all, it’s easy: a little measuring, a little waiting, and you’ll have a pitcher of coffee that will last for up to a week.  Secondly, and more significantly, cold-brewed coffee is much lower in acidity than traditionally brewed coffee.  This makes it an excellent alternative for coffee drinkers who are sensitive to acidity – either as a matter of personal preference, or upon the doctor’s recommendation!

With the right tools and some preparation, you can stock your fridge with cold-brewed coffee to enjoy as the summer approaches! (more…)

Understanding Coffee Tasting: Terms & Tools

By Jacqui | Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 10:00 am

coffee tasting
Like wine tasting, coffee tasting has been referred to as an art.  Master coffee tasters spend years honing their skills, cupping specialty-grade coffees and tasting samples.  Learning how to identify and describe the nuanced qualities of a cup of specialty coffee may be an intimidating task, our roasters are here to give you some tools to guide you as you become a coffee connoisseur… or even just an educated coffee fanatic!  (more…)