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Introducing Royal Tea

By Jessica | Friday, February 17th, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Fang From Jhen Tea Family Makes Forever Spring Oolong

While our name, Small World Coffee, proclaims our devotion and passion for coffee, we have a little secret:  We are also tea lovers!  Over the last couple of weeks we have been introducing teas from our new provider, Royal Tea.  Our relationship with this company has been longstanding, as they have been one of our green coffee bean brokers for years.

The Royal Tea recommendation came to us from a former worldling, Phil Miley, who worked in our cafes and as one of our roasters for many years.  After moving on from Small World Coffee, he accepted a position at Royal Coffee.  Last fall Phil let us know that an affiliate branch of Royal Coffee in New York, Royal Tea, had been founded in January of 2016.  The tea importer and Director of Operations, Ravi Kroesen came to our staff meeting last week to brew delicious and aromatic tea samples and share a myriad of interesting facts about tea. Ravi’s passion and depth of tea knowledge had our staff excited and full of questions.

Ravi, of Royal Tea, at a Tea Evaluation in Japan

Ravi says, “Royal feels honored to be able to source quality teas from farmers throughout the world.  The tea itself is more a testament to their skill than anything else”.  One of the teas I especially enjoyed was the Forever Spring Oolong from Taiwan, grown by the Chen Family for four generations, with the last two being women tea masters, which is fairly rare in the tea world!  The tea is lightly oxidized, which gives the tea strong notes of gardenia, honey, and butter.

Our new budding relationship with Ravi and Royal Tea has been gratifying and delicious.  We hope you enjoy your tea experience at Small World Coffee!

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