Small World Coffee

The Story Behind the Small World Coffee Logo

By Jacqui | Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Well before Brant and I had decided on a town to open Small World Coffee, the café name, logo, and to go cups were designed.  The logo was probably one of the easiest decisions we ever made.

Brant had a tattoo that he called his “grumpy monkey” tattoo.  I thought the tattoo was really cool so he showed me the book that the image came from, called ‘Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico’ written by the late Jorge Enciso.  This book is filled with designs derived from carved seals of Aztec, Maya, Totonac, Zapotec, Olmec and other early Mexican cultures.

I took the book to our friend and designer, Chris Edwards, in Ann Arbor Michigan and asked him to create a logo inspired by this art.  The Small World Coffee “bean” or “sun” that is our logo today was the very first idea Chris presented to us.  It was perfect.  Today I still use the book by Enciso for inspiration.

The “Sleep is for the Weak”, “Grumpy Monkey”, and “Coffee Makes You Smarter” mugs area all using images used in carved seals from the cultures of ancient Mexico.  All of the mugs are on sale now in both cafes for $6.95 each.

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