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Better Know a Worldling, Part 2

By Jessica | Saturday, October 18th, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Worldling Liz Deacon

The second installation of Small World’s “Better Know a Worldling” introduces you to Liz Deacon. She’s only been at Small World for a few months, but has quickly become an integral member of our family/team. Read on to learn about Liz’s preferences regarding coffee drinks, cooking, and ‘90s music.

Where are you from?
Well, Edison, I guess. Edison, New Jersey. I lived in Perth Amboy until I was ten. Born in Brooklyn. But I spent most of my time in Edison.

What brought you to Princeton?
My fiancé got a job at Labyrinth books about three years ago. At the time we were living in Edison and I was working in New York. I didn’t want to commute anymore, so once he got the job in Princeton, I started looking and got a job in Princeton at a law firm, and then we moved here. Our first apartment was above a garage where we were caretakers to 11 acres and a mansion. I left the law firm after a few years and came to Small World.  Princeton’s one of those towns I’ve always wanted to live in.

How long have you been at Small World?
Three months.

Have you started coffee training?
Yes, I was released a few weeks ago. [It means] I’m no longer being trained and I’m free to make the drinks without supervision.

That’s very cool.
So scary.

What’s your favorite drink to make?
A cappuccino. They’re good.

What are you up to when you’re not at Small World?
Right now I’m going to school for teaching, at TCNJ.

What are you going to teach?
Elementary education. I’m leaning toward fourth/fifth grade. You can teach more of a subject matter.

What do you do in your free time?
Besides school work and work? I sew. I’m a bit of a seamstress. Just for myself and my friends. I like to go on hikes, I like antiquing. Cooking. I read a lot.

What do you like reading?
Fiction. 1920s era. I like Fitzgerald a lot. Right now I’m reading short stories by Dorothy Parker. I like older authors that take me back in time. Tom Robbins is also one of my favorites. I haven’t read too much of what’s out nowadays. Although I have read almost every John Grisham novel.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?
I like stew, beef stew. I just made some last week. I like to make burritos. I marinate the chicken, I make the pico.

What is your best SW memory?
I guess, being released is a good one. And recently, for Bea’s last shifts, we all dressed up as flight attendants. That was really great.

What is your go-to SW drink?
The house blend. I’m addicted. But I also like the NOLA.

What is your ‘90s boy band anthem?
I hated ‘90s boy bands.

I did. I was totally anti-‘90s boy band. But I liked No Doubt. And Jewel. Really into Jewel, throughout all of the ‘90s. I prided myself on not liking the 90s boy bands.

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