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Oaxaca Love Tour – Part 1

By Jessica | Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 6:20 pm

Spontaneous trips are sometimes the best ones…

Jessica & Jen
My sister, Jennifer, called me up just over three weeks ago and said that her husband, Dave, was finishing up a birding trip in Chiapas, Mexico and she was thinking of meeting him in Oaxaca to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. She knew George and I were planning our second honeymoon (we did a mini-moon right after our wedding), so, did we want to join them? Not only would we be celebrating our two marriages, but Jen and Dave got married on what would have been our late mother’s 74th birthday. Jen was pitching it as the Oaxaca Love Tour. Let me give you a little background.

Jennifer and David moved to Mexico with their two little blonde girls (ages 2 and 4), the same year that Brant and I opened Small World Coffee: 1993. Jen and Dave run bird watching trips throughout Mexico and they have a small hotel in the town of Alamos where they live ( Jen and I are lucky to love the entrepreneurial work that we do and we have brainstormed over the years about co-creating a trip called Coffee, Culture, and Cuisine. The idea revolved around a trip that would start in Oaxaca where we would experience the art and cuisine, then go into the mountains to visit some coffee farms, and then end on the coast in Huatulco for some sun and fun.

Jessica In Mexico

It seems the stars aligned because there was no reason for me not to go on the trip. It would be a great way to celebrate our marriages, and I personally get slightly frustrated with myself when I talk and talk about an idea that is totally viable and cool, but I don’t follow through on it in some way. I sort of say to myself, “put up or shut up”. So it was time to “put up”. I bought our tickets and two weeks later George and I flew to Oaxaca.


The four of us explored and traveled the city of Oaxaca, the mountain region where the coffee is grown and the beautiful coast of Huatulco. With the help of our road warrior driver, Rafa, my sister and her husband’s expertise, and the guidance of a former worldling, Kyle, who has opened three cafes in the city of Oaxaca, after endless hours of exploring we were able to put together an itinerary for the trip Coffee, Culture, and Cuisine.

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