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Good Food Stories Visits Small World Roasters

By Jacqui | Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 8:07 am

Pour over coffee brewing
Casey Barber, a freelance writer and blog editor at Good Food Stories, came out to visit us at our tasting lab in the roasting facility and took a tour of our operations for some research.  In our meeting, her love and knowledge of food was so apparent and enjoyable to share, and after reading her piece, we feel the same way about her writing!

Brant, Jessica and Jon gave her a tour of the roaster, describing the process from green bean to finished cup.

“During my visit, co-founders Jessica Durrie and Brant Cosaboom sampled new cold brew equipment and did a pour-over comparison tasting while partner Jon March worked the roaster. Brant and Jon are the only two people who do the actual coffee roasting and between the both of them, they’re able to roast up the company’s weekly quota for the two Princeton cafés as well as wholesale and retail in 15-20 hours spaced out over three days.”

So what did Casey learn from her visit to a specialty coffee roaster?  Visit the Good Food Stories blog to read the full post!

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