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From the Roaster: Java is Back!

By Jacqui | Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 10:18 am

Specialty coffee & small-batch roasting at Small World Roasters

Jon, our Master Roaster, works diligently to ensure that we are offering the best in specialty coffee to our customers.  This means many conversations with our coffee brokers, and plenty of roasting and cupping of each coffee to discern the quality of each bean.  The coffee that we buy, roast, sell and brew, is Specialty Grade – the highest grade on the market – but it still takes focus and a refined palette to select the best of the best.

Recently, Small World Roasters received a shipment of green beans that brought the return of one of our favorites: Java.  Here, Jon discusses what we love about this particular specialty coffee, and which of our classic blends has been restored to its original recipe…

“Since coffee crops often vary from year to year both in quality, and yield (quantity), beans from our favorite origins are not always available, or are simply not good enough in a given year.  We work through this by tweaking our blend recipes when necessary, and sometimes we even have to swap in an entirely different bean (this isn’t possible in every case: certain beans have flavors so unique there is no substitute!) Conversely, there are times when an old favorite returns, and I am pleased to announce that with this month’s arrival from Java our Joker Poker Blend returns to its original recipe!

We often recommend the Joker Poker to customers looking for the simplicity and mellow drinkability of a “breakfast blend.” Comprised of just 2 beans (the aforementioned Java + Guatemalan Antigua), the Joker provides a nice balance of body and acidity, but doesn’t overwhelm with complexity.”

Try the Joker Poker in its classic form, available on the shelves of our cafes or through our website.

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