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Home Brewing: Cold Brewed Coffee

By Jacqui | Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Cold-brewed Coffee
On the heels of our recent post about our well-loved New Orleans style iced coffee, we have been fielding some questions about how to cold-brew coffee at home.  In the warmer months, many people look for an alternative to their usual hot coffee, but there are a few other benefits to cold-brewing coffee at home.  First of all, it’s easy: a little measuring, a little waiting, and you’ll have a pitcher of coffee that will last for up to a week.  Secondly, and more significantly, cold-brewed coffee is much lower in acidity than traditionally brewed coffee.  This makes it an excellent alternative for coffee drinkers who are sensitive to acidity – either as a matter of personal preference, or upon the doctor’s recommendation!

With the right tools and some preparation, you can stock your fridge with cold-brewed coffee to enjoy as the summer approaches!

Tools You’ll Need:
.25 lbs. (113g) specialty coffee *
32 oz. purified water
A large pitcher or vessel for storage
Coffee filters

Get Started:
Grind your coffee coarsely, for a percolator **
Mix the coffee into the water, and steep 18-24 hours in the refrigerator
Strain the steeped mixture through coffee filters, removing the grinds

This cold-brew recipe yields roughly 32 oz. of double-strength coffee extract.  Depending on your taste, you can mix it with milk, water, or serve it over ice.  If you prefer hot coffee but are seeking a cup that’s lower in acidity, you can add water and heat it for a smoother, classic cup of joe.

* We use our Crispy Hippie for our New Orleans Style Iced Coffee.  Of ours specialty coffees, this one is quite low in acidity already, since it is our darkest roast.  (The darker the roast, the lower the acidity.)  Other tasty options include our Love Blend or our Indie Blend – both naturally smooth, and well-suited for cold-brewing.
**  We suggest that you do not grind your coffee until you are ready to brew.  Grinding in advance drastically alters the freshness of the coffee, and therefore, the quality of your final cup.   If you can avoid pre-grinding, you should!

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Very true. Additionally, buying good, fresh coffee and grinding it right before you brew it will produce a much better tasting final cup. So many reasons to try this recipe! Thanks for visiting, Jamie!

  2. I recently realized that cold brewed coffee can be a viable substitute for single cup coffee pods, so you get the quick convenience without the extra cost

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