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Home Brewing How-to’s

By Jacqui | Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 11:54 am

Peach leads the public coffee tasting at Witherspoon.

Each week, the worldlings gather at our roaster in Rocky Hill, filtering into our ‘Coffee Lab’ to participate in tasting sessions.  While enhancing their understanding of each coffee’s flavor profiles, they’ve also been experimenting with different manual brewing styles and comparing the difference in taste as one bean is brewed using several different methods.  The meetings are lively, with questions flying and minds at work, fueled by sip after sip of fresh coffee.  Inspired by the curiosity that our worldlings bring to these tasting sessions, we have set out to develop some how-to’s for manual brew styles.

Matt & Sam watch as Peach demonstrates siphon brewing.

We will cover the art and the science of manual brewing, with step-by-step instructions, photos, and our own coffee-geek commentary.  Our quest is simple: to share what we’ve learned (in over 20 years in the coffee world) so that we may be a resource for our fellow coffee enthusiasts!

Topics will include the standards, French press and pour-over brewing, as well as some of the new trends in coffee making, such as the vacuum siphon (pictured above) and the Aeropress.  We encourage you to send questions and feedback as we launch this series of blog posts!  What would you like to see covered in these demos?  What are your questions about manual coffee brewing?  What is your favorite style, and why?  Leave a comment below, or find us on Twitter @swcoffee.

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