Small World Coffee

Spriha Gupta

July 4th, 2018 through August 7th, 2018 at Witherspoon St.

Spriha Gupta Spriha Gupta
Spriha Gupta, is a self-taught, visual artist bringing new aspects to the medium of art by using textures and recycled products to create organic forms on canvas. Her subjects vary from nature to the abstract ...any form that makes a relationship with her through its color, flow and textures inspires her to bring it out on canvas. She repurposes found objects and gives it a second life in most of her pieces. She wants her art to create a space for conversation and a look within exploring the various layers of the world we inhabit. For her the life cycle of nature is enthralling and she takes it upon herself to in someway continue that cycle through her paintings. The almost three-dimensional pieces of her work suggest that art has no boundaries and being limitless in nature, the colors and forms flow from one space to another. She uses acrylics as her main medium while experimenting with different gel mediums to create some textured collages, natural landscapes and compositions with leaves, flowers, tree bark and paper. She’s a person seeking inner fulfillment through her art and if it can bring a smile or touch a soul she feels she has been able to spread some joy in a world of daily strife and pain for so many.

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