Small World Coffee

Joan Sonnenfeld

July 12th, 2017 through August 1st, 2017 at Nassau St.

Joan Sonnenfeld
“I am drawn to the media of collage because I enjoy the tangibility of working with different types of materials. The varied surface textures of sandpaper, velvet, or snakeskin, for example, allow me the opportunity to express myself most precisely and creatively. In addition, with the fluidity of oil paint, I build and direct the path of the work toward it’s desired visual effectiveness, considering color, shape and mood. My sensitivity to whats happening around me has always influenced my choice of subject matter, which many times is social/political in nature.”

“Lost Shoe” is a series of collages, my inspiration for this work began while unexpectedly observing the many places in which a single solitary shoe might suddenly appear. As most of us have experienced, this can happen anywhere. To name a few, such places might include, under your seat at the movie theater, floating down a river, lodged in a cart at the supermarket or maybe flattened out on the NJ Turnpike. Each sighting brings to mind an array of unanswered questions in regard to circumstances, identity, and why only one shoe? In search for answers, I began to imagine myself submerged in a deluge of last moment scenarios, walking the final footsteps of the ill fated fallen footware. I eventually claimed them as my own, granting each one a story to tell.

The images shown here are as described:“Tracks 2” – Inkjet print, metallic thread, gauze, lace, acrylics, colored pencil on canvas, “Holiday Pink” collage and oil on panel with paper, fabric, tissues, fiber fill, crocheted lace, cypress cuttings, “Flip Flop of Antiquity” Collage and oil on panel with found flip flop, thermal underwear fabric, Marlboro cigarette pack, cigarette butts, coupon, bottle caps, gold leaf.

~ Joan Sonnenfeld

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